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Bedouin Camp Reservations in Wadi Rum.

We offers a unique way to experience one of the most iconic deserts in the world. 
Come and explore the ancient homeland of the Bedouin people, a culture that has maintained many of their customs and practices for centuries.
We give you a chance to see the diverse landmarks of environment, sites of both historical and geological significance. 

We offer treks, open jeep tours, or for a more traditional experience venture forth from the village on camel back.
Guests are free to explore our local attractions through climbing during each visit.
Ascend Lawrence's Spring to see how the desert sustains life.  
Walk across the Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, a unique formation carved through the artistry of the desert wind.
Enter Khazali Canyon and gaze upon petroglyphs over 2,000 years old.  
March up hills of pure sand at the Red Sand Dunes.
Take lunch atop Lawrence's House -the remains of an ancient Nabatean temple.  Looking out you will see where the distinct line where the red and white desert sands meet.